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Q: Can we bring food and drink?

A: We don’t recommend a pancake breakfast but a granola bar or dry snack that fits in your pocket works well.  Please no glass, only cans or plastic.  Yes, you can bring an alcoholic beverage.  

Q: Are there certain health conditions or groups of people you DO NOT recommend take this tour?

A: We cannot predict the weather conditions and sometimes depending on the wind it can be a wavy and bumpy ride, hence the name “Adventure Rafting”.  We DO NOT recommend taking this tour if you are pregnant, are under the age of 3, have mobility issues, or have had back surgery or chronic back or knee problems and pain within the last year.  Boarding and disembarking may be difficult and unstable for persons with mobility issues.

Q: Do you allow pets?

A: Not in mixed group tours but if you have a larger group and want to schedule a private tour we allow a maximum of two dogs on private tours.

Q: Can we bring our infant or toddler?

A:  We are a fast paced speed boat tour, similar to a rollercoaster on the water.  We do not allow children under three as every passenger has to be able to hold on and understand the concept of doing so.  

Q:  What should we wear?

A: Typically regular street clothes and shoes are fine.  It’s about 15-20 degrees cooler on the water so we recommend bringing at least a sweatshirt mid summer, even if it’s 80 degrees on land.  Shoulder season, we’re not joking when we tell you to bring jackets, hats, mittens, scarves and dress warmly. 

Q: How early should we arrive?

A: 10-15 minutes before departure time.

Q: What if we are running late, will the boat wait for us?

A:  The boat leaves the dock promptly at your scheduled departure time.  If you are not there on time you are considered a no show.  We do not raincheck, voucher or refund in this situation.  It is up to you to show up on time.

Q: What if we have to cancel last minute for reasons unforseen?

A:  We have a 48 hour cancellation policy.  If you cancel within 48 hours of departure time we do not issue a refund under any circumstance. This is a company policy and there are zero exceptions to this policy.

Q: Do you offer a senior or military discount?

A: We offer 5% OFF the ticket price for the senior or military person in May and September.

Q: Will I get wet?

A: Typically no, but if it is a windy and wavy day we may take some spray over the bow but you will be dry by the time we get back to shore.